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Glass: Creative Glass Course (6 weeks)

Glass: Creative Glass Course (6 weeks)


Explore the magic of creating with glass!


This course gives you the opportunity to create your own projects in glass media, with support and guidance.


This class offers instruction & guidance for Beginners* in the construction of Copper-Foil & Mosaic Applique Stained Glass Projects.

Or, if you have already attended one of our Stained Glass Classes, a chance to continue with your own projects with guidance from an expert.


If you have completed our Traditional Leaded Panel Course, you can also create your own projects using this Stained Glass technique, with guidance from Louise. (Please read below for information on each technique.)


Materials are not included for this course but can be bought from the tutor.


Basic tools and equipment will be available for use during the classes but you can bring your own along if you prefer.


Please Note:

If you are working with lead, it is not advisable for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Please wear close-toed shoes.


Suitability:      Adults & 16 yrs+      Beginners* & Those with Some Experience

  • Notes for your visit:

  • Autumn Term 2024:

    Tuesday Afternoon 13.00-16.00


    24 September 2024

    8 October 2024

    22 October 2024

    12 November 2024

    26 November 2024

    10 December 2024

  • Stained Glass Techniques:

    Glass Mosaic Applique:

    Glass mosaic, where coloured glass is glued into place onto a clear glass background and then grouted in black to give a stained glass window effect.

    "A 'poor mans' stained glass"


    Copper Foiled Glass:

    like the Tiffany style lamps.

    Glass is cut and fit together to create a design, then joined by using copper foil and solder.


    Traditional Leaded Glass Panels:

    the method used to create large church windows.

    Glass is cut to size and assembled using lead came, solder and cement to create a panel.

    You must have completed our Traditional Leaded Panel Course to use this method on this course.

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