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Clay: Explore Sgraffito Using Underglaze

Clay: Explore Sgraffito Using Underglaze


Use underglaze colour to explore sgraffito on the clay surface


Spend time exploring this popular decorative technique.

Sgraffito involves applying a layer of colour (underglaze, slip or glaze) to the clay surface and then scratching through it to show the base layer. Sgraffito derives from an Italian word meaning “to scratch.”

We will use clay with underglaze colours to explore sgraffito on pre-made tiles and a trinket dish or small pot/vase.

You may like to bring some designs along with you (line drawings or patterns are ideal for this technique) but we will also provide a selection of ready drawn patterns to inspire you.


Suitability: Adult & Age 12+ Beginners & Advanced


Duration: 3 hours

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