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Clay: Rustic Animal Sculpture

Clay: Rustic Animal Sculpture


Create your own small animal sculpture, with the support and guidance from resident Ceramic Artist, Emma Jayne Robertson.


You can choose your own animal and bring your own pictures and reference materials, or you can pick an animal from the images and books that Emma supplies on the day.


You will use Crank Clay which has a coarse grain to it that makes it ideal for holding its shape whilst sculpting.


The sculptures can be no more than 30cm tall x up to 25cm wide and deep.


Your pieces will be unglazed but high fired to give a rustic finish.


Items will be available to collect after being fired (Please Note: this could take 4-6 weeks as it needs to dry out thoroughly and then be fired twice)


Please note: Your sculptures should withstand the elements. However, if the design has texture or crevices that can hold water they may be affected in cold weather. Over time they may grow mosses etc on the surface.


A Full Day session includes a buffet style lunch provided by Barn Cafe.

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