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Clay: Textured Patchwork Pieces

Clay: Textured Patchwork Pieces


Use textured clay slabs to make patchwork inspired pieces


Use a whole of variety of media to impress into the surface of clay slabs and then cut these up and reassemble them in a patchwork fashion to create vases, planters, dishes & more.


Your pieces will have a natural colour wash applied to the surface to highlight the textures and then a clear glaze will be added to the inside surface only.

If you would prefer, you can opt to decorate your pieces with a range of colours to your own design at a later date (additional charges will apply) Please just let us know before you leave your session.


Age/Suitability: Adult & Age 12+ Beginners & Advanced

Please ask for advice if you have a younger creative person that is keen to take part.


Duration: 3 hours

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