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Seashore Textured Ellipse Vase (various sizes)

Seashore Textured Ellipse Vase (various sizes)

PriceFrom £32.00

Ceramic Ellipse Vase with a Textured Relief Surface


This stoneware ceramic vase is finished with a satin matte 'speckled' sand glaze inside, with a pale turquoise wash in the textured relief surface on the outside.


Available in a selection of sizes.


Part of the Seashore Collection by Emma Jayne Robertson - EJR Ceramics


Pattern and texture from the natural world influences the design of these individual, hadnfinished stoneware pieces inspired by the Seashore. The artist uses combinations of wax resist, carving and markmaking using appliqued textile designs.

The pieces give the feel of ripples in the sand and grroves created by the tide along the shoreline. these are finished with satin matte glazes in attractive natural tones; creating tactile and beautiful forms. every piece is individually hand crafted with original designs in a variety of colours making them all totally unique.


Dimensions: Wide h. 18cm x 16cm x 7cm

Dimensions: Slim Tall h. 18cm x 8cm x 4.5cm

Dimensions: Slim Mid h. 14cm x 8cm x 4.5cm

Dimensions: Slim Short h. 10cm x 8cm x 4.5cm


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