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'Landfill' Ceramic Sculpture - Emma Jayne Robertson

'Landfill' Ceramic Sculpture - Emma Jayne Robertson

SKU: EJR CF131 #9

Hand-built Ceramic Sculpture

Artist: Emma Jayne Robertson - EJR Ceramics

Medium: Black Stoneware fired to a low temperature to give purple-grey tones


Each unique piece explores the concept of the 'Contemporary Fossil': combining fossils, rock formations and environmental issues, mixed with the concept of time and memory.


As plastic waste is an issue at the forefront of our Planet's health, this work reflects on the effect that our 'throw-away culture' will have on the 'fossils of our future'.

Using a taxonomy of textural effects and experiments with glaze and colour to create rustic, earthy and tactile art works; to be explored through touch, as well as visually.


Dimensions: h.62cm x dia.22cm


Please note this piece is not suitable for use outside


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