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Floral Mini Bud Vase

Floral Mini Bud Vase


Mini Ceramic Bud Vase with Hand-Painted Floral Design


Medium: Ceramic: Parian - unglazed but vitrified with Underglaze Decoration

Dimensions: h. 7cm x dia. 5cm (approx.) (h x w x d)


Description: A small vase suitable for little buds and flowers from the garden or wild. There are two designs: Closed - is wide at the base and tapers in at the top. Sliced - is narrow at the base and flares out to the top and is cut at a slight angle. Each is hand-painted with a Floral Design. Part of the 'Floral Collection' by Emma Jayne Robertson - EJR Ceramics


The Collection: A range of fine, slip-cast Parianware, each individually hand-painted with a floral design. The Parian ceramic has a translucent quality to it making it a beautiful display piece and complimenting the watercolour style of hand-painted designs on each piece. Every piece is unique in its own right and, with a new floral design added annually, can make an attractive collection. 


Available in two styles in a variety of Floral Designs


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