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Ceramic Underglaze Paint Taster Pots

Ceramic Underglaze Paint Taster Pots


Ceramic Underglaze Paint Taster Pots


Paint Your Own Ceramics with this Takeaway Taster Kit. Suitable for all ages and Ceramic Painting Projects. 


These can be used with any of our Paint Your own Takeaway Taster Kits, should you wish for additional colours.


You may have attended a clay session ,  wish to paint your pieces at home  (once your clay has been bisque fired ofcourse), or maybe an Artist wanting to experiment with small amounts of the colours.


Use these special ceramic underglaze paints to decorate your pieces.

These contain  approx. 10ml of paint.



These paints are designde to be fired in a kiln , otherwise they will not be permanent.

Children will need to be supervised


See also : Takeaway Tools - Brush Set and our larger selection of Underglaze Paints in our Ceramic Supplies section of our online shop.


Paint Colour Choice #1:

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