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Educated in Fine Art based in sculpture and mixed media, Tracy has always been fascinated by the activity of exploring the properties of materials.

Drawing and photography have always fed into Tracy’s work as part of her creative process. She loves to engage with the tactile qualities of materials and sculptural forms.

Tracy’s work centres around responding to the landscape and natural environment. Inspired by walks through Suffolk and a lifelong interest in marine life and the ocean, creative responses incorporate abstracted forms based on surface, structure and texture.

Tracy incorporates textiles in her work with techniques such as felt making, knit, crochet, print, dye and stitch. Found objects form a part of finished works and often serve as starting points for developing ideas.

Photography has always been a part of Tracy’s work in capturing forms and compositions, as well as a visual element incorporated in the form of print in textile works.

As a Suffolk based Artist she is currently Teaching Art, Textiles and Photography across a range of age groups and delivers creative workshops in schools, privately and here at EJaRt Creative.

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