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TONI PEERS (Curly Girly Crafts)

Toni Peers is a very experienced Tutor having taught enamelling and other crafts for well over 10 years. Toni is a member of the Guild of Essex Craftsmen and Guild of Enamellers, with a qualification in Teaching adults. She loves to share her skills and experience with her students.

She fuses glass (enamel) onto copper to make beautiful pieces of jewellery. Toni uses several technique’s including sifting, wet packing and applying glass media, then firing.

She started using silver clay as it works so well with her enamelling skills. It has taken many years and specialist tools to gain all the skills to achieve what Toni does with Silver Clay and she now creates silver blanks directly for her to enamel on as well as making silver jewellery.

Toni likes looking at nature. In the case of Silver Clay, it can be as simple as picking up bits and pieces such as seashells and leaves and then using them in the pieces.

Toni’s Encaustic wax work is fabulous. She makes vivid pictures using Molten Wax. A very pleasant, relaxed and skilled Tutor; Toni makes learning new Encaustic Art skills fun, informative and hugely rewarding.

Toni exhibits and teaches here at EJaRt Creative, including Enamelling, Silver Clay and Encaustic Wax Art.

TONI PEERS (Curly Girly Crafts)
TONI PEERS (Curly Girly Crafts)
TONI PEERS (Curly Girly Crafts)
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