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Tammi has always been interested in textiles, having designed her first embroideries and cross stitch pieces in her early teens. It was traditional in her family for the women to learn from their elders; techniques for needlecraft, crochet, knitting, basket weaving, cake decorating and more.
She began dressmaking at the age of 12 and having made her own wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses, some 10 years later, she was often asked to make outfits and curtains for friends and toys for their children. She designed and made large fabric toy houses and animals when her own children were toddlers.

Tammi’s love for craft then extended to machine knitting and designing motif Jumpers in the early eighties. She bought one of the first electronic home machines from a local shop and was soon making hundreds of jumpers for adults and children to her own design.

Her love for tapestry and hand embroidery continued through her busy working life and she would use this as a form of relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the workplace. It was when she retired through ill health in 2009, that Tammi could spend time experimenting with other arts and crafts.


Having been inspired by her daughter’s success with ceramics, Tammi thought she too would try her hand at clay. Having an expert on hand to guide her, Tammi enjoyed her Saturday craft days; socialising with her two daughters and friends, improved her wellbeing and she soon became hooked. The house became enriched with an array of ceramic work, as she tried out all the various techniques involved.
Inspired by the Suffolk Coastline, her addiction to the sea, boats, marine life and her love of the countryside, “Something we all take for granted”, progressed to making her own collections of ceramic pieces:-
“Fish, Boats & Marine Life.” “Abstract Ceramics” “Birds, Butterflies & Beautiful Things”

Experimenting with Mixed Media, Applique, Quilting and Embroidery

Having been introduced to more drawing, print and free machine embroidery techniques, at EJaRt Creative, Tammi is currently producing her own embellished, machine embroidered pieces now too. Experimenting with Mixed Media, Applique, Quilting and Embroidery. Tammi’s new pieces are a modern collage of her favourite Landscapes and Seascapes.

“During the recent Pandemic Lockdowns, I yearned for the space and tranquillity of my favourite places: the fresh open spaces, the sound of the sea and the beautiful landscapes. I decided to replicate the memories in my mind. Using my minds own sketchbook, I choose bold bright colours, embellished with various mixed media and hand embroidery, to keep these thoughts very much alive. Ever hopeful for a far better future, following the birth of my first Grandchild; a reason to persevere with this mindfulness, returning to these beautiful places once again: not only in my mind.”

Textile and Embroidery Kits

“Wanting to share my knowledge of Textiles with others, I also design Textile and Embroidery Kits for EJaRt Creative’s TakeAway Tasters range. These cater for all ages and abilities. Hopefully these small projects will inspire others to try a little creativity, making something “wow” in the comfort of their own home.”
Tammi introduces a selection of embroidery stitches and techniques in each kit.
These are suitable for beginners and then become more challenging and absorbing as they work through the various parts.

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