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RONAN & HONOR KAVANAGH (Avalon Jewellery)

SAD NEWS: It is with great sadness that we share with you the news that Ronan Kavanagh has passed away. Our thoughts are with Honor, Sabrina and all their family at this very sad time. We are very honoured to continue to stock and sell the beautiful pieces created by Avalon Jewellery until their supplies run out.

Ronan and Honor: the Designers/Makers behind Avalon Jewellery. Ronan worked with precious metals and Gemstones and Honor the lampworked Glass Beads.

Ronan attended Medway College of Art and being naturally creative, he loved designing and making jewellery to compliment Honor's beautiful glass beads.

Honor began fusing glass some years ago now and really enjoys working with glass. More recently, she became drawn into lampwork, which became her favourite medium. She enjoyed the challenge of it's trickiness to work with and the glorious colour combinations it could produce.

Having moved from Cambridge to Suffolk, they both enjoyed their walks by the seashore. Nature played a big part in their designs- Ronan's Bee Cuff with its anticlastic sterling silver base and gilded bees sitting on a strip of honeycomb and Honor's Isle of Avalon glass bead pendant reflecting the seashore.

Both enjoyed the intricacies' of mastering the materials they had chosen " there is something so good about having an idea and then bringing it to life."

RONAN & HONOR KAVANAGH (Avalon Jewellery)
RONAN & HONOR KAVANAGH (Avalon Jewellery)
RONAN & HONOR KAVANAGH (Avalon Jewellery)
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