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Phil Fry lives and works in 'the first of the new towns' in Hertfordshire.

His work explores decay, icons, camouflage, culture war, strength, metamorphosis, paranoia, individuality, grief and loneliness.

'Brain Tree' Series

The 'Brain Tree' Series explores his mental state over a period of time.
through a series of therapeutic walks in rural Hertfordshire and Norfolk he tried to remember in paint how it was he felt in the environmental landscape and how that informed his mental landscape.
A course of medication had begun shortly after starting this project and it soon became documentation of the changing nature of how he perceived himself through memory.

'I don't know what I am doing, I just know that my work is part of me and I like that I'm doing it.' PF

NEW - Leather Aviation Paintings

Philip Fry paints vintage: This current body of work comprises of paintings completed in acrylic on leather hide.

Authentic materials are a valuable component of Philip’s work.

With the aviation art series, use of leather as a substitute to traditional canvas suggests painted leather jackets combined with nose art of Second World War bomber attire. The smell and feel of the leather very much is in mind; sensations reminiscent of climbing onboard any vintage aircraft.

Leather as a naked material is a keen luxury. As it is to witness the expensive machines Philip paints fly, such as Spitfires and Hurricanes. These are a sort of luxury, like the subjects themselves: like expensive pieces of art have become opulent investments for those who can afford it.

Philip considers the simile of references made in his work as being a crucial instrument of insight to his working.

What value are vintage objects when they are more than just skin deep?

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