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Maggie’s work combines her passion for the stitched surface, with paper, drawing, paint and dyed fabrics. She is strongly influenced by the environment; by studying and abstracting aspects of her surrounding countryside, Maggie produces stylised paintings, collages and mixed media pieces.

Maggie is constantly drawn to detail observed in nature, the landscape and architecture, which she transposes into line drawings as well as experimental studies and samples. She particularly enjoys recording textures, marks, patterns and most recently, shadows. Over-dyeing and surface stitching result in a decorative textural surface. Maggie often fragments images followed by a process of reconstruction, rearranging and reassembling to create a new composition. In much of her art Maggie uses needle and thread as another form of mark-making.

After a lifetime working predominately in textiles, Maggie is just at the start of her journey exploring the world of painting. Her practice brings together the processes of recording and interacting with the landscape. Maggie has always been drawn towards the detail found in organic forms.

The work she produces, whether in textiles or painting, starts with observing textures, marks and patterns which are transposed into line drawings onto which she then applies several other layers.

Living in the Suffolk countryside means that Maggie is exposed to a rich and ever-changing environment. With constant variations in weather and lighting, she tries to capture the raw elements of the flat sweeping landscapes which merge into the vast expanse of a Suffolk sky.

Maggie works with cold wax oil paintings and part of her process involves making her own cold wax media to mix with oil pigments. As she works through layers of marks and textures, a subtle surface build’s
up which combines the structure of the sky with the textural quality of landscape and sea. She tries to capture a moment in time from a walk or experience in her life.

Maggie is teaching workshops here at EJaRt Creative.

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