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Sue Bowerman

A local Potter working in stoneware and porcelain, making every day items and one-off pieces. Sue really enjoys throwing functional pottery. The shapes she throws are traditional and the themes for the glaze decoration come from the local environment Sue works in. Sue’s Studio has views of fields and the sea in the distance, so she can absorb the colours and the feel of Suffolk.


Sue regularly experiments with different shapes and glazes:

  • Stoneware is fired to 1240 Centigrade and is oven safe if heated up and cooled slowly.

  • Porcelain is also fired to 1240 and when thrown thin, is light and fragile. When thrown thicker it is more robust like a white stoneware.

  • Raku-fired pottery is fired to about 900 and either cooled suddenly or has horsehair burned on while the pot is still very hot. Raku ware is not watertight but is still fairly strong.

  • The Glazes used are lead-free

Sue was trained by Professional Studio Potters and she also has an MA in Fine Art.