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Wax Melting Pot (Tixor)

Wax Melting Pot (Tixor)


Wax Melting Pot (Tixor)


  • for Batik, Candlemaking or Encaustic Art projects
  • capable of melting wax up to 300ml capacity
  • adjustable thermostat has settings up to 135 degrees C, ensures wax is maintained at the correct temperature
  • saftey thermostat prevents over heating
  • 6 slots in rim for resting tools so that wax drips back into the pot
  • no waste drip rim at top
  • shallow traditional shape with bowl
  • 10 cm high x 16.5 cm diameter
  • This item comes fitted with a British 3 pin plug. Overseas customers will need a suitable adaptor to use it.

    OVERHEATED WAX CAN IGNITE! Always use a specialist wax pot with a thermometer to melt wax. watch continuously and reduce the heat ikf the wax starts smoking. should wax ignite smother the flames with a damp cloth or the pan lid NEVER USE WATER!

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