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Watersoluble Film

Watersoluble Film


Watersoluble Film


Lightweight, transparent, watersoluble stabiliser


Contains 1 piece 1 metre square


  • completely dissolves in cold or warm water
  • no sticky residue or stiff fabric
  • for use as either an embroidery backing or topping
  • ideal for lace work, free machine embroidery, cut work, support for edging, buttonholes, stiffening fabric and much more
  • use with an embroidery hoop for best results
  • can use multiple layers for maximum stability
  • suitable for over printing but requires a backing to aid feed through an inkjet printer
  • trace a design onto the film using permanent marker or dissolvable pen
  • can be used as a liquid stabiliser or stiffener by dissolving the film in water then either bursh onto fabric or immerse fabric in the solution, will then wash away as required
  • may need several washes to remove all traces

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