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Two Turtle Doves - Deborah Vass (mounted)

Two Turtle Doves - Deborah Vass (mounted)


Two Turtle Doves - Deborah Vass


Medium: Lino Print on Paper (Limited Edition 3/50)

Unframed Size: 29.5cm x 37.5cm (h x w x d)

Mounted Size: 0cm x 0cm (h x w x d)


Description: An original Lino Print - hand printed with environmentally-friendly, water-based ink on heavyweight, quality, soft paper.

Each print varies slightly due to the pressure and amount of ink, so each one is unique.

Each print is signed, numbered and dated by the Artist.


Inspiration: 'The Turtle Dove has sadly declined in Britain in recent years and is now on the RSPB Red List. They are beautiful birds, about the size of a blackbird and make a distinctive soft purring coo, that was once a familiar sound of Summer.' DV


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