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Stained Glass Starter Set - Takeaway Toolkit

Stained Glass Starter Set - Takeaway Toolkit


Takeaway Tools - Stained Glass Starter Kit


This Toolkit contains all the tools you will need to get started working with Stained Glass.

An ideal Gift for a Stained Glass enthusiast who has already taken part in a Stained Glass Workshop and wants to continue at home or own their own Tools for future workshops.


Glass Cutter
Standard Grozing Pliers
Safety Glasses
Glass Marker Pen - Black
Lead Vice
Horse Shoe Nails (bag of 20)
Tallow Flux
Lead Graphite
1/2kg (approx. 9 sticks) of C Grade Solder
(40% Tin-60% Lead)
800g tub Leaded Light Cement
454g bag of Whiting
Value Lead Knife
12" Cutting Square
All Nova Fid
1 Length 6x5 Round lead came (approx. 1.8m)
1 Length 12x5 Flat lead came (approx. 1.8m)
Practice Glass 3mm
Soldering Iron 100W


Equipment required:
Stained Glass (available to buy from EJaRt Creative)
All contents can also be purchased individually


WARNINGS: Parental Guidance is recommended at all times
CONTAINS LEAD: Not Suitable for those that are Pregnant or Breastfeeding

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