Silver Clay Syringes and Tips (various) - Art Clay Silver

Silver Clay Syringes and Tips (various) - Art Clay Silver


Silver Clay Paste - Art Clay Silver


This softer version of the clay comes in a syringe to make fine lines, dots and other decoration


  • thicker than the paste, having a slightly different binder, which ensures it will hold its shape when extruded.
  • different sized tips (nozzles) to choose from that range from very thin (extra fine-blue and fine-pink) for very delicate drawings, medium sized (standard-green)  to make perfect little donuts that you can set stones in and thick (grey) which is perfect for building up thick lines for 'purely syringed' work.
  • can be applied to a core shape that will burn off during firing to create a lace like hollow form or filigree
  • great for surrounding and setting stones
  • ideal for repairs as you can be very precise with the tip
  • Shrinkage: 8-9%
  • keep your syringe standing with the tip in a glass of water when you are not using it to prevent the end drying out


Available in 5g or 10g Syringe, 10g sets with Tips and an Assorted Tip Set as well as individual ones


Prices will change according to the current precious metal value


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