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Silver Clay - Art Clay Silver

Silver Clay - Art Clay Silver

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Silver Clay - Art Clay Silver


Metal Clay is a wonderful material to work with.

Made from extremely fine particles of metal mixed with organic binders and water.

You shape it like other modelling clays, then leave it to dry and then fire to burn off the binder, leaving you with a solid metal piece.

The Art Clay is a gorgeous creamy clay to work with. comprises of combining the three most popular metal clays of the past to create the best formula yet


  • Easy to mould
  • slow drying
  • low firing temperature
  • fire with a kiln, torch or gas stove
  • if using a kiln the recommended time is 30 minutes at 650 degrees on continuous and then the last 5 mins at 800 degrees
  • shrinkage: 8-9%
  • for extra strength artists may like to fire their pieces for longer and at the highest possible temperature: please contact for more details
  • once you have your fine metal piece, you can polish it up with the other tools we offer
  • Environmentally Friendly: the Silver used in the clay is recycled waste from the photographic and car industries


Available in 7g, 10g, 20g and 50g sachets


Prices will change according to the current precious metal value

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