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Rotary Cutter: Maxi Easy - Prym Olfa

Rotary Cutter: Maxi Easy - Prym Olfa


Rotary Cutter: Maxi Easy - Prym Olfa


  • 45mm diameter rotary blade
  • standard handle
  • for cutting 4-8 layers of cloth with mm precision and no loose threads left behind
  • use on both hard, thick materials (such as towelling, fleece, leather or denim) and soft, thin materials
  • easy to use for both left and right hands
  • can be used forwards and backwards
  • easy to change blades
  • use with a cutting mat
  • comes with a blade


Spare Blades, Rules and Cutting Mats are also available


    You MUST be 18 years old or over to purchase this item.

    This is a Requirement By Law.

    The law prohibits the sale of sharp instruments, aerosols, glues and solvents to anyone under the age of 18.

    Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions

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