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Paint Pen Set (Derwent)

Paint Pen Set (Derwent)


Paint Pen Set (Derwent)


A creative drawing and painting tool which are permanent and highly lightfast.

The high quality 0.5mm Japanese nibs are very durable and allow for a vareity of unique paint effects from fine lines to large layers and exciting splatters.


  • Creative drawing and painting tool to create a variety of unique effects from fine lines to large layers and exciting splatters
  • Vivid, opaque colours which can be layered and blended
  • Watersoluble formulation - use a waterbrush to create transparent washes that inspire. Colour becomes permanent and fixed once dry
  • Suitable for use on fabric, glass and wood allowing for endless sketching and painting possibilities for a wide range of projects
  • All colours are highly lightfast


Available sets contain:

#1 Lemon Yellow, Scarlet, Primary Red, Ocean Blue, Mint Green

#2 Mid Chrome, Dark Blue, Bright Blue, Mid Green, Terracotta

#3 Cranberry, Magenta, Violet, Sea Green, Leaf Green

#4 Concrete, Graphite, Black, White, Silver

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