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Our House - Tammi R  (framed)

Our House - Tammi R (framed)

SKU: TR 001

Our House - by Suffolk Artist Tammi R


Medium: Textiles 

Unframed Size: 21.5cm x 21.5cm (h x w x d)

Mounted/Framed Size: 30cm x 30cm (h x w x d)


Description: A beautiful unique textile piece. Made with Applique, machine embroidery,  quilting, hand embroidery and embelishment.  


"Our House is deep in the Suffolk Countryside, where I was privileged to spend those months of lockdown with my immediate family in isolation and where this series of my New Textile Art Work began. During the recent Pandemic Lockdowns, I yearned for the space and tranquillity of my favourite places: the fresh open spaces, the sound of the sea and the beautiful landscapes. I decided to replicate the memories in my mind. Using my minds own sketchbook, I choose bold bright colours, embellished with various mixed media and hand embroidery, to keep these thoughts very much alive.".


Presented in a pine wood frame with a white mount.




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