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Oil Pastel Set (Derwent Academy)

Oil Pastel Set (Derwent Academy)


Oil Pastel Set (Derwent Academy)


These pastels are formulated using rich, intense colour pigments, resulting in vibrant colours with strong coverage.

The soft, velvety texture is perfect for drawing, colouring and seamless blending.

The pastels enable you to create fine, detailed work or apply lots of colour to the paper quickly.

They are easy to blend.

Only apply as much pressure as needed to avoid breakage.

Completely dust free.

Soluble in turpentine, which thin the pastels to create a beautiful translucent effect.

For the best results use on a slightly textured paper. 


Available in a 12 pastel set containing: Cadmium Yellow, Orange, Deep Red, Purple, Ultramarine, Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Terracotta, Burnt Umber, Black, White

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