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Georgian Oil Colour by Daler Rowney

Oil Paint (Daler Rowney: Georgian)

PriceFrom £3.85

Oil Paint (Daler Rowney: Georgian)


Available in 38ml, 75ml and 225ml tubes


Modern and brilliant colours with optimal pigment loads for brush and knife. they provide colour consistency from wet to dry , with even performance and finsih across all colours. they need very limited quantities of mediums so can m=be udes freelystraight from the tuvbe.


  • Colours are intermixable
  • exceptionally permanent and brilliant colours
  • surface dry in 4-5 days
  • smooth and buttery cinsistency
  • ideal for experimenting different brush and knife techniques
  • easy mixing with mediums provides endless creative possibiilities.


Although we only stock 15 shades there are up to 58 different colours available, which we can order in quickly, so please do Contact Us

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