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Mini Mosaics - Small Plaque - Takeaway Taster

Mini Mosaics - Small Plaque - Takeaway Taster


Have fun making your Mini Mosaic Small Plaque with this TakeAway Taster Kit


Follow our detailed instructions to create a Mini Mosaic project


Design, make, grout and polish your very own mosaic piece



Blank Small Rectangular Plaque (15 x 8cm)

Template/Design Sheet

Ceramic/Glass Mosaic Tiles (10mm) mixture of up to 6 colours

PVA Glue and Spreader

Grout (white powdered)

Lolly stick for mixing

Orange Stick

Polishing Sponge

Instructions (Or contact us if you would like online tuition or group activity)


Equipment required:

Table Covering




WARNINGS: Parental Guidance is recommended

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