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'Soap & Shaving' Luxury Handmade  Gift Set

'Soap & Shaving' Luxury Handmade Gift Set

SKU: Soap & Shaving Luxury Gift Set

'Soap & Shaving' Luxury Handmade Gift Set  by JacqsArtisan Soaps


A set containing one round pre-shave soap 85g,  a premium quality super soft 'faux ' bristle shaving brush , a shaving soap puck in a wooden lidded shaving bowl , a slatted soap dish and a cotton flannel, in a gift box with clear lid. 




JacqsArtisan Soaps' ethos is to make soaps that are beautiful to look at but, most importantly, be a pleasure and luxury to use. Ultimately they will leave the skin feeling fantastic, soft and moisturised.

​The beautiful, natural, muted colours are derived only from natural ingredients using spa clays and the soaps are packed with herb botanicals considered beneficial for having healing and soothing properties.

They are scented using essential oils, which happily also bring additional beneficial qualities to the soaps.


This gift set makes a wonderful present.


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