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Glue: Araldite (Epoxy Resin Adhesive)

Glue: Araldite (Epoxy Resin Adhesive)

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Glue: Araldite (Epoxy Resin Adhesive)


This heavy duty epoxy resin adhesive can be used for all kinds of repairs.

Permanent bonding for metals, ceramics, rubber, glass, leather, wood, most hard plastics and other materials.

Water resistant.

Can be sanded and painted once dry.


Available as:

  • Standard: 24ml syringe - extra strong long lasting bond, repositionable for 2 hours
  • Instant Clear: 24ml syringe - sets in 90 seconds
  • Rapid: 24ml syringe - strong bond in seconds
  • Rapid (Tubes): 2 x 15ml tubes - mix manually and usable for 5 minutes