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Glass: Soldering Irons (Weller)

Glass: Soldering Irons (Weller)

PriceFrom £66.65

Glass: Soldering Irons (Weller)



Comes with 7mm rounded tip and bench rest.

Great for anyone starting out in glass art.

This iron does not have a thermostat so is best for copper foil work but it can be used for lead work with care



Stained Glass soldering iron with built in thermostat

Helps prevent lead melting

The most popular iron for stained glass panel work

Can be used for copper foil work too

Comes fitted with 6mm No7 Tip recommmended for stained glass (6mm No8 Tip is recommmended for copper foiling) Replacement tips in different sizes are also available for this model.


Tip tinner is recommmended to clean and protect your tips, making your soldering easier