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Glass: Pattern Shears (for Copper Foil/Lead Came)

Glass: Pattern Shears (for Copper Foil/Lead Came)


Glass: Pattern Shears


Enable you to cut templates for stained glass work by removing a thin strip of your drawn pattern to allow for the gaps needed for your Copper Foil or Lead Came


Simply draw out your design and then cut along the lines with the pattern shears. Use the cut templates to start cutting your glass.


Lead Came Pattern Shears take 2mm off the edge of your template

Copper Foil Pattern Shears take just enough off the edge to allow for two pieces of foil where the edges of your glass meet


Available for Copper Foil Patterns or Lead Came Patterns


    Lead based products including lead solder and came are classified as HAZARDOUS TO FERTILITY and the UNBORN CHILD.

    We recommmend you obtain specialist instruction before use. We provide Stained Glass Workshops at EJaRt Creative.

    Wear gloves and wash your hands regularly when using these, and especially before eating, drinking or smoking.

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