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Glass: Patina for Solder

Glass: Patina for Solder


Glass: Patina for Solder


Simply brush onto your solder, after cleaning thoroughly with soapy water to remove any flux residue.

The Patina reacts with the tin content in the solder to change the finished colour.

best used with the patina/flux brush.


Black: Darkens the colour of your solder in copper foil projects


Super Brite Copper: Turns Solder a Copper colour


Comes in 8oz bottles


    Lead based products including lead solder and came are classified as HAZARDOUS TO FERTILITY and the UNBORN CHILD.

    We recommmend you obtain specialist instruction before use. We provide Stained Glass Workshops at EJaRt Creative.

    Wear gloves and wash your hands regularly when using these, and especially before eating, drinking or smoking.

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