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Glass: Leaded Light Cement

Glass: Leaded Light Cement

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Glass: Leaded Light Cement


Used for weather-proofing stained glass windows


  • good quality
  • easy to use
  • ready blacked
  • easy to brush between lead and galss for a watertight and rigid panel
  • normal shelf life is approx. 3-5 months
  • requires whiting to help dry out the oil
  • don't let it set on the lead as it won't come off
  • use a cheap washing-up brush to apply the cement and a pointed dowel or stick to help clean up, then finish with the Polish Brush and Black Grate Polish (both sold seperately)


Available in 800g, 2kg and 5kg


    Lead based products including lead solder and came are classified as HAZARDOUS TO FERTILITY and the UNBORN CHILD.

    We recommmend you obtain specialist instruction before use. We provide Stained Glass Workshops at EJaRt Creative.

    Wear gloves and wash your hands regularly when using these, and especially before eating, drinking or smoking.

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