Glass: Flux (various)

Glass: Flux (various)


Glass: Flux (various)


Flux cleans and etches the surface prior to soldering your stained glass pieces. 


Tallow (per stick):

A natural flux for use on lead came in leaded window work. Artists have been using Tallow for centuries to flux their solder. Simply rub a little tallow onto your lead joints prior to soldering to help it flow and stick. You can also use a small wire brush on the stained glass panel to help clean the lead before application which lets the tallow help your solder flow and adhere. The small wire basil brush is available to purchase seperately

Tallow is sold by the stick and are candle shaped without a wick. They are fragile and may break in transit but this doesn't affect their use and small pieces are easier to hold and use.


Paste (50g): 

Can be used as an alternative to tallow for your stained glass soldering.

  • easy to apply to leaded panels
  • simply brush onto the joints using the Patina/Flux Brush
  • apply to lead joints before soldering


Old Master (8fl oz): 

A classic, all purpose, stained glass liquid flux.

Great for copper foil work and cleans up easily with water

Flux Type:

    Lead based products including lead solder and came are classified as HAZARDOUS TO FERTILITY and the UNBORN CHILD.

    We recommmend you obtain specialist instruction before use. We provide Stained Glass Workshops at EJaRt Creative.

    Wear gloves and wash your hands regularly when using these, and especially before eating, drinking or smoking.

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