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Glass: Black Lead Graphite/ Grate Polish

Glass: Black Lead Graphite/ Grate Polish

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Glass: Black Lead Graphite Polish / Grate Polish


This is great for use on stained glass polished to make tkhem blac and shiny


  • Use with the Polishing Brush and some elbow grease
  • It will black your lead and solder for a nice finish
  • apply to cold dry lead and leave to dry fully before installing (for copper foil use black patina to colour the solder instead)
  • apply a small amount of polish to your brush, work vigorously over your lead taking care to  avoid pressing down which could crack the glass. Work until the polish has come off the glass and is as balck as you desire. It is essential to let it dry fully onto the lead as it will rub off. You can darken the solder joints with a little balck patina if needed
  • the tin is the best value as it is not watered down unlike the tube


Available in 75ml Tube or 70g Tin