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Felixstowe Docks - Helen Maxfield (mounted)

Felixstowe Docks - Helen Maxfield (mounted)


Felixstowe Docks - Helen Maxfield


Medium: Lino Print on Paper

Unframed Size: 32.5cm x 23cm (h x w x d)

Mounted Size: 0cm x 0cm (h x w x d)


Description: An edition of 16. This is a view from a nature reserve near Landguard Fort in Felixstowe. It's a popular place with dog walkers and a great spot for blackberry picking. What interested the artist was the majestic cranes in the background against the rusty-orangey towers of containers and then the natural flora and fauna of the foreground. She also liked the idea that she was making an image using a hand-made process of containers that very likely contained mass-produced goods.


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