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Farm by the Lake - Helen Maxfield (mounted)

Farm by the Lake - Helen Maxfield (mounted)


Farm by the Lake - Helen Maxfield


Medium: Lino Print on Paper

Unframed Size: 17cm x 25cm (h x w x d)

Mounted Size: 0cm x 0cm (h x w x d)


Description: This print is of a view the artist sketched whilst visiting her brother in Canada. The lake it refers to is Lake Erie, just south of Toronto. It was a very calming place to be, which is reflected in the colours, but sitting there sketching she was aware of the noise of the birds, the insects and the lake behind. She tried to reflect this in the marks made in the lino. This linocut was made in three stages using blended rolls. The first two stages were completed at the FolkEast 2018 festival in Suffolk as a demonstration. It is an edition of 10.


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