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Fabric: Silk (Various) (1/4 metre)

Fabric: Silk (Various) (1/4 metre)

PriceFrom £1.50

Fabric: Silk White (Various) (1/4 metre)


100% white Silk 


Width: 91cm (36")


Available Silks:

5mm Pongee - The lightest silk available. Use for silk painting

8mm Habotai - Not as opaque as the 12mm Habotai. Makes a suitable base for painting and dying techniques

12mm Habotai - Heavier than the other Silks, more opaque with a smooth plain weave, making it easier to dye, Use for silk painting, Shibori and Nuno Felting


The mm refers to a Japanese Unit of measurement the 'momme'. 1 momme equals approximately 3.75gsm


The price shown above is per quarter metre: Larger amounts of fabric can be purchased in quarter metre units. For example, if you wish to order 1 ½ metres enter “6” as the quantity (1 ½ metres = 1/4 x 6). The fabric will be sent as a single piece.

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