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Fabric: Calico (per 1/4 metre)

Fabric: Calico (per 1/4 metre)

PriceFrom £2.65

Fabric: Calico (per 1/4 metre)


A 100% cotton Calico fabric.

To suit a wide variety of creative applications for example, fabric painting, batik, embroidery, printmaking, stamping and more

The De-Sized version is a generously wide, natural cotton Calico, which is unbleached but washed, making it suitable for dying and printing


Available Unbleached, Bleached or De-Sized (Select Options)


The price shown above is per quarter metre: Larger amounts of fabric can be purchased in quarter metre units. For example, if you wish to order 1 ½ metres enter “6” as the quantity (1 ½ metres = 1/4 x 6). The fabric will be sent as a single piece.