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Encaustic Wax Art : Basics & Landscapes

Encaustic Wax Art : Basics & Landscapes


A short introduction to painting with molten wax using a specially designed iron.

Wax is melted on the iron hotplate and then used to create wonderfully vivid and textured images on non absorbent card. If you don't like the image created at first, you can simply melt it away and start again.


The session will begin by covering the most useful technique needed to create patterns and abstracts and then you will explore creating pictures using rubber stamps.


You will produce at least 10 x  A6 pictures during this class.


Be aware that a hot iron is used in this session. You will be advised on health and safety. 


Suitable for Beginners and the more experienced.


Ages: Adult and 12+yrs (8+yrs during School Holidays if accompanied with a paying Adult)

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