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Digital Wax Melting Pot 1L

Digital Wax Melting Pot 1L


Digital Wax Melting Pot 1L


With this digital wax pot you will never have to guess the temperature of your wax or work to keep it constant


  • for Batik, Candlemaking or Encaustic Art projects
  • removable inner pot for flexibility of use
  • ultimate temperature control offering complete versatility
  • reaches temperatures of 90 degrees C
  • choose either standard or fast heat up
  • supplied with one removable inner pot (additional inner pots are available to purchase separately)

    OVERHEATED WAX CAN IGNITE! Always use a specialist wax pot with a thermometer to melt wax. watch continuously and reduce the heat ikf the wax starts smoking. should wax ignite smother the flames with a damp cloth or the pan lid NEVER USE WATER!

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