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Clay: Ceramic Clock

Clay: Ceramic Clock


Design, Make & Decorate a Ceramic Clock
Course: 3 sessions of 2.5hrs


Come and design your very own Ceramic Clock with the guidance and support of resident Ceramic Artist, Emma Jayne Robertson.


You will spend the first session designing your clock and making templates and then you will bring the design to life using clay, before adding colour in the final session. You will be using the slab building method to create your clock and underglaze paints for decoration.


You will be able to choose whether to have it gloss glazed or not and then collect your masterpiece once it has been completed and fired in our kilns. (Please note that this could take a few weeks, as it will need to dry out thoroughly and then be fired twice.)


We will supply and fit the clock mechanism and hands for you. You will have the option to purchase alternative clock hands if you desire.

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