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Funky Fish - TammiR

Funky Fish - TammiR

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Funky Fish - TammiR


A range of  Ceramic Wall Mounted Fish, handbuilt in Stoneware, with textured detail &  bright underglaze decoration & a satin and gloss finish.


The collection is simple, yet striking, with a tactile quality. Each piece is hand finished, making every one unique.


Suitable for wall hanging with Rope hanger . 


Colour Options currently available:  Orange /Turquoise or Blue/ Yellow


If you have a particular colour you would prefer to match your home decor, please email to advise and Tammi will make to order.




Large      33cm x 30cm x 4cm (h x w x d) approx.

Medium 24cm x 24cm x 4cm (h x w x d) approx.

Small       17cm x 17cm x 2cm (h x w x d) approx.


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