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Angelina Fibres (Fusible) Sampler Pack

Angelina Fibres (Fusible) Sampler Pack


Angelina Fibres (Fusible) Sampler Pack


A sample pack of 6 colours of Angelina Fibres (Fusible) for you to experiment with.


Soft, irridescent, shimmering, ultrafine, supersoft handle, 0.08mm fibres which create an intense luminescent effect where light is reflected and refracted

When heat is applied a luminescent web of non woven fibres is produced.

Angelina fibres can be incorporated into textile work, machine embroidery, spinning, stutching into the surface, papermaking, collage, card making, decorative bowls and panels, papier mache, modelling, applique, book covers, embellishments and much more

For additional effects try trapping light weight flat materials between two layers of the fibres, for example sequins, feathers, craft wire and threads or adding surface decoration using paint mediums


  • 6 x 5g bags
  • Easy to use
  • Instructions supplied


Available in Warm or Cool colourways (colours may vary)

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