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Mark Lomax

Mark Lomax originally from Felixstowe, is a mixed media artist based in the Highlands of Scotland. Having started out as a ceramicist, his trademark style of filler and paint on metal shares many of the techniques and characteristics associated with textiles and fibre art.

His quilts and rug-based pieces are stitched together using wire and much of his work is  influenced by the patterns and designs found in knitting, weaving and printed textiles from around the world.


The significance of the quilt in its role as a social  activity, its means of construction and its global  significance is  important.  It is a clearly identifiable object with a strong history, multiple associations and its own symbols and language. The quilt is the perfect vehicle for exploring Lomax’s interests in memory, personal and social identity, history and culture.

In contrast the blue and white pieces are based on the Maritime archaeology of Sten Sjostrand and the ceramic discoveries of the Wanli shipwreck off the coast of Malaysia. These pieces reflect the movement and rhythms of water on fragmented blue and white shards.  The patterns and motifs on the crumpled aluminium approximate the Chinese trade ceramics of the Wanli period (1600-1627), without attempting to reproduce them directly.

By utilising familiar elements that are associated with domestic objects, whether they are textile or ceramics based, it is possible to trigger or evoke memories.