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Lorraine Allan

Lorraine studied silversmithing and jewellery  at London Metropolitan University, completing her HND in 2006, when she exhibited at New Designers in Islington. She has since expanded her skills, attending various courses covering specialist techniques in metalsmithing.

At the heart of her designs is a love of nature – leaf skeletons, mosses, fungi and lichens, and there are subliminal traces of this fascination in much of her work.

Lorraine often uses mixed metals, usually silver and gold, in her designs, together with granulation and fusing techniques. She is particularly fond of using the ancient Korean technique Keum Boo, whereby high carat gold is fused to the surface of silver. Sometimes, she oxidises (blackens) the silver to create a strong colour contrast with the gold, resulting in striking and individual pieces.


Each piece of her jewellery is individually hand-crafted and, although a design may be repeated, each item is unique.