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Pattern and Texture within the natural world is very influential in the concept of Emma’s work. She uses photography as an integral part of her research, ‘Capturing Unique Moments in Nature’ that are not immediately visible to the eye.
Her approach to the design process involves the use of mark-making techniques as a means to gather research and develop design ideas. Much of Emma’s inspiration has come from the rugged landscapes of Cumbria, where she studied for her Master’s Degree, together with her own local coastlines of East Anglia and her travels to more distant shores throughout the UK and abroad.
Specialising in ceramics, Emma’s work explores ‘The Coastal Contemporary Fossil’: one-off Ceramic Art Pieces combining fossils, rock formations and environmental issues, mixed with the concept of 'Time' and 'Memory'. As plastic waste is an issue at the forefront of our planet’s health, this work reflects on the effect our throw-away culture will have on the ‘Fossils of our Future’.
These designs are a series of hand-built, sculptural columns made from a variety of high firing Stoneware clays. Measuring from 20 to 100cm in height with a diameter of up to 35cm. Using a wide variety of textural effects and experiments with glaze and colour; Emma creates these rustic, earthy and tactile art works. Each piece unique and intriguing, to be explored through touch, as well as visually. She particularly enjoys the tactile nature of the clay and the way she can pick out fine detail.
Emma’s New Collection - ‘The Seashore’ continues with her interest in nature and the environment and a desire to create tactile, beautiful forms. She uses wax resist and carving to give the feel of the ripples in the sand and grooves created by the tide along the shoreline.
Every piece is hand finished. Emma loves to produce these individual art forms and collections for people to explore themselves, forming their own interpretation and enjoying each unique piece.
Having established EJR Ceramics in 2009, Emma has been selling and exhibiting her Ceramics in Galleries and Shops Nationwide , operating from her small Studio in Kenton, Suffolk.
She enjoys passing on her expertise and experience to others and has been Tutoring in many schools and operating Mobile Workshops around Suffolk now for many years.
This year is rather special for Emma Jayne as she has taken over The Black Barn at Hasketon. She now works from her larger Studio Space, enabling her to produce and exhibit her own finest ceramics.
Establishing EJaRt Creative in July 2019, Emma is bringing together all aspects of creativity. With her Team of Tutor’s, she is now offering an endless list of Workshops in all sorts of Media for people to choose from and showcasing an ever changing “Celebration of East Anglian Artists”.Much of Emma’s inspiration has come from the beautiful countryside surrounding her home in East Anglia and various expeditions to numerous Country House Gardens all over the UK.
Specialising in ceramics and experimenting with translucent clays, Emma discovered Parianware.
‘The Floral Collection’ includes a range of fine, slip-cast Parianware, each individually hand-painted with a flower design. The Parian ceramic has a translucent quality to it, with a satin finish, making it a beautiful display piece and complimenting the watercolour style of hand-painting on each piece. Every piece is unique and the various designs, shapes and sizes, can make an attractive collection.
The ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Snowdrop’ are Emma’s latest additions to this range, complimenting her very popular former designs of the Iris, Poppy, Daffodils, Tulip, Poinsettia, Hyacinth, Crocus, Gerbera and Sweet Pea. Each piece making a wonderful centrepiece on any table or several items can be grouped together to make a beautiful display. The Translucent nature of the parianware means ‘The Collector’ can place small lights inside to enhance each piece.
Experimenting with carving and wax resist, Emma Jayne also offers a range of ‘Other Items ‘ in the Translucent Parian Range . Particularly delightful as Tea Lights. So Christmas will be very special this year at EJaRt Creative.
Emma will also take Special Commissions upon request.

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